World-class commodity traders

Elibank Vernon is a broker and clearing company and provides a broad Commodity and Currency Trading facility to investors, traders and institutions.

The firm has started its successful operations via its proprietary trading platform with a satisfied clientele consisting of individuals and institutions from all over the world.

Elibank Vernon is a professionally managed brokerage house, managed and run by highly skilled senior professional personnel with expertise and experience, in their respective domain.

Integrated services

We strive to deliver individual and institutional clients the best execution services in commodity and currency futures.

Elibank Vernon Hedging Services

Elibank Vernon Futures offers hedging services in a wide variety of products including grains, softs, currencies, stock indices, interest rates, precious and base metals.

Example: Hedging a physical trade in Copper - A client has agreed to take delivery of copper, from a producer, at some future date. He has based his decision on the current cash price, but needs to guard against adverse movement in the meantime. The client could, therefore, buy a contract for the future date, and sell when the 'hedge' is no longer required. Or, the client could buy a call option, again selling when the hedge is no longer required.

Expertise and guidance

Among Elibank Vernon’s services are the proprietary Risk Management Tool (RMT), as well as exchange and OTC execution and clearing services, designed to limit risk and enhance margins and bottom-line results.

Our Business

Elibank Vernon's customers include:

  • The producers, processors and end users of virtually every major traded commodity; Commercial counter-parties;
  • Governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations;
  • Institutional investors;
  • Brokers;
  • Professional traders;
  • Individual investors;
  • Commercial banks;
  • Major investment banks.


Elibank Vernon provides a complete bouquet of client friendly services in the Commodity and Currency Futures and Options market.

Our Products and Services Include:

  • Futures
  • Spot, Forwards and Options
  • Global Physical Deliveries
  • Bars, Coins, Grains, Sheets, Scrap, Dore and Wire
  • Location Swaps
  • Hedging Structures
  • OTC Margin Trading
  • Pricing in Foreign Currencies
  • EFP’s