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About Us


Elibank Vernon is a brokerage firm that provides a broad range of Commodity and Currency Trading facilities to investors, traders and institutions.

Elibank Vernon provides a complete bouquet of client friendly services in the Commodity and Currency Futures and Options markets. We endeavor to provide our customers with the most comprehensive commodity-trading platform available. We strive to deliver individual and institutional clients the best execution services in commodity and currency futures.

Elibank Vernon is promoted by a professional team that have a rich experience in the field of brokerage services. We are committed to provide an exceptional customer experience that will ensure investor's trust and confidence.

Elibank Vernon has started its successful operations via its proprietary trading platform with a satisfied clientele consisting of individuals and institutions from all over the world.

Elibank Vernon is a professionally managed brokerage house, managed by highly skilled senior professional personnel with expertise and experience, in their respective domains.

The company is committed to provide a world-class trading platform to its clients for a wide array of commodities and to implement the best global trading practices, with the highest level of transparency. Elibank Vernon offers huge advantages to existing and prospective clients to take advantage of trading in a geographical location which is considered as a financial hub of trading activities by ranking their positions for day profit, arbitrage, hedging price exposures as well as opportunities to the burgeoning investment community of the region.

The highly talented and qualified team of Elibank Vernon is actively engaged in carrying out research to provide up-to-date opinions/information with risk disclosure to its valued customers so that they may take their independent and correct investment decision.

The staff at Elibank Vernon have a commitment to provide quality services in an efficient and effective manner. Elibank Vernon is fully computerized and possesses modern management skills, organizational behavior and extensive market planning information.


Vision Statement

To be an investor friendly company in the field of commodity segment that our customers are interested in.

The development of a modern and efficient brokerage system that will be client focused, service driven and growth oriented based on sound regulatory principles that provide impetus for high financial growth and foster principles of good governance which ensures proper risk management and protection of investor's interest by responsive behavior.


Mission Statement

To turn our clientele’s dreams in to reality, providing technical and advisory services that consistently meet the expectations of our customers.

Our mission to promote, generate and facilitate.


Company Profile

Elibank Vernon aims to enhance clientele’s earnings and wealth by providing expert services through its experienced professional team.


Research and Advisory

The research team has in-depth knowledge of the financial scenario and is pro-active and diligent in building and managing the financial assets of its customers.


Technology Innovations

To provide quality and efficient services, Elibank Vernon has state of art technology for front end trading and back office processing.


Qualified, Trained and Motivated Team

The Company has a talented pool of motivated professionals equipped with the necessary skill sets which translates into exemplary service for our customers.


Our Unique Value Proposition



Our management team has extensive global experience with some of the largest commodity trading houses and risk management skills honed in agriculture, base metals and energy markets. In addition, the senior management team has in depth practice in establishing successful and thriving full service commodity brokerage and trading operations in emerging markets.

Elibank Vernon’s vision is to provide our clients with a complete Global Commodity Risk Management solution under one roof. Our expertise is to ensure that the customer’s objectives and risks are managed effectively and within an agreed mandate. All the potential benefit of our established global relationships and experience is solely for the benefit of our customer.

Our corporate philosophy is to serve our customers through a dedicated team of experienced Commodity Risk professionals, utilizing state of the art technology and strategies with distinctive capabilities to help them capitalize on opportunities worldwide.