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Grains & Oilseeds

We offer our customers a comprehensive array of products and services, including exchange execution; physical trading; inventory financing; OTC execution and managed futures; facility management; Commodity Network and market intelligence. 



For grain origination customers, the company designs and executes hedging programs that utilize the markets to retain and enhance customers’ margins on the local level. These hedging programs are built on proven commodity risk management principles, and are not speculatively oriented. Strategies are designed to consistently take advantage of basis opportunities as it relates to the physical cash market. The Commercial Grain Group’s focus, year-round, is the cash market. Futures and options activities are used as tools to assist in the marketing of grain by providing opportunities to retain margins and manage risks.

Backed by a full complement of market intelligence, analytical and administrative staff, an experienced Elibank Vernon consultant oversees all activities in each customer’s program, providing full access to our expertise in transportation, financial instruments, cash grain merchandising, energy hedging, or specialty crop production and marketing.


Foreign Exchange Trading

The Elibank Vernon provides global expertise in trading and clearing in the full spectrum of OTC foreign exchange instruments, including spot, forwards, options, exotics and structured products. Operating continuously from Sunday night to Friday’s close, we provide clients with professional voice execution and state-of-the-art electronic market access. Well-regarded, high-touch clearing services and deep credit facilities provide commercial entities, hedge funds, CTAs, proprietary trading groups, financial institutions and other qualified parties with global FX market access.


Financial Futures

We provide a wide range of global fixed income futures and services aimed at the needs of institutional investors, banks, hedge funds and high net worth individuals that have to deal with interest rate risk.



Our metals futures, options and swaps capabilities are designed for the specific needs of our diverse customer base from CTAs and hedge funds to commercial producers, consumers and merchants. We offer 24-hour trade execution and post trade services.

We specialize in aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, tin and a suite of ferrous products including hot-rolled coil, steel rebar, steel billet, import scrap swaps, and iron ore swaps.


Precious Metals

Elibank Vernon engages a highly experienced and globally respected team to provide its customers with outstanding trade execution and hedging services. Our expertise encompasses precious metals including gold, silver and the platinum group metals, as well as the full range of base metals.


Trade Execution and Hedging

We provide our clients with access to a broad range of markets and financial products allowing them to manage their price exposure and enhance profitability. These products include spot, forward and option instruments, futures, physical purchases and sales, and the ability to price in foreign currencies.

In addition, our extensive operations and logistics experience provides a seamless execution of all physical transactions in precious metals, including financing, warehousing and deliveries across the globe.


Elibank Vernon Trading System

Elibank Vernon is your access point to the Precious Metals markets. Our trading system provides real-time prices, position tracking and margin monitoring and simple trade execution. The system combines all of these features in one, trading platform. Having Elibank Vernon Trading System at your fingertips, coupled with the knowledge that you are trading with a regulated global commodities firm, provides you with the flexibility and security you deserve.


Our Products and Services Include:

Our Clients Include:



Energy markets are subject to worldwide risks that are difficult to predict and have adverse effects on a company’s bottom line results. We are focusing our attention on helping organizations develop justifiable hedge plans to better control the price of energy. Our expertise in developing and executing Risk Management Tools includes assistance in all facets of this process.

We offer energy group offers unique market insight, risk management expertise, innovative financial solutions and advisory services to address price and volatility risk. We provide companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilize input prices and purchase more competitively.


Renewable Fuels

The Elibank Vernon Renewable Fuels Group offers expertise covering the entire spectrum of activities related to Ethanol and Biodiesel. The Renewable Fuels Group has a full understanding of inputs, such as grains, oilseeds/fats and energy, as well as outputs, including ethanol, biodiesel, ethanol co-product and glycerin. Our proprietary database and historical knowledge provide customers with a competitive advantage and our risk-management programs focus on building the crush margins needed to operate successful renewable fuels trades.



Elibank Vernon uses industry knowledge, experience, technology and capital to provide efficient solutions in complex financial markets, helping customers reduce risk, protect margins and take advantage of opportunities to stabilize bottom lines.

Working with Elibank Vernon to employ prudent risk management procedures, companies can more effectively manage their commodity price risk and successfully impact their profit margins. Our group offers unique market intelligence and innovative financial solutions to address commodity price volatility and mitigate price risks. Through the Risk Management Tool (RMT), Elibank Vernon provides companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilize price inputs and secure margins.

Our softs division offers price-risk management solutions in coffee, sugar and cocoa through consultants who speak a wide range of languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Meats & Livestock

In today’s market environment, the livestock and protein industry faces an increased amount of volatility in pricing and business margins. Elibank Vernon’s Livestock and Meats Group can help all segments of the supply chain from producers, to processors and manufacturers, and end users develop and implement risk management plans for both input cost and output price risk. We assist our clients in identifying the exposure and providing financial tools such as exchange-traded futures/options and Over-the-Counter products which, when combined with cash market strategies, will help manage those price risks, maximize your business strengths and become more competitive in the industry.


Forest Products

Softwood lumber is among the world’s most volatile traded commodities. The Elibank Vernon Forest Products has significant experience in creating customized solutions to successfully manage a broad spectrum of risks impacting the forest industry. We have developed programs for companies all along the lumber supply chain, including producing mills, wholesale/distribution and end users. For integrated producers, tools are available to stabilize pulp, linerboard, newsprint, and recycled product prices.

Through the Risk Management Tool (RMT), Elibank Vernon provides companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilize input prices and secure margins. Our extensive databases and detailed quantitative analyses on your sales and purchases allow us to provide measurable bottom-line results.

The Forest Products also has access to specialists that can help mitigate exposure to volatile energy prices, fuel surcharges and foreign exchange rates.