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Introducing Brokers (IBs)

At Elibank Vernon, we believe our IB affiliates play a key role in our success. However, we also know that the relationship is a mutually beneficial one. We work closely with IBs to provide them with the necessary skills to expand their client base. Below is a list of the benefits Elibank Vernon offers their IBs:

Elibank Vernon caters for IBs with an array of client types whether it is brokers trading on behalf of clients, brokers with self-trading clients, or a combination of the two. In each of these scenarios, the clients who are introduced by IBs open an account with Elibank Vernon, the IBs are authorized to trade the account and place orders, as well as share in the commissions charged to the clients. IBs must be regulated to conduct investment business in the jurisdiction in which they operate.


Introducing Agents (IAs)

We also offer an IA program. IAs simply introduces clients for which the IA is paid an ongoing return commission. We have a network of IAs worldwide who introduce clients to Elibank Vernon and we take care of the rest.


Back Office Services

All clients have access to their trading statements through the Client Facing Portal (CFP). The CFP is a simple to use web-based system providing our clients with access to statements and in-depth account information.

Information within the CFP includes:


Elibank Vernon Hedging Services

Elibank Vernon offers hedging services in a wide variety of products including grains, softs, currencies, interest rates, precious and base metals.

Example: Hedging a physical trade in Copper - A client has agreed to take delivery of copper, from a producer, at some future date. He has based his decision on the current cash price, but needs to guard against adverse movement in the meantime. The client could, therefore, buy a contract for the future date, and sell when the hedge is no longer required. Or, the client could buy a call option, again selling when the hedge is no longer required.


Futures & Options

We provide our clients with access to most of the futures and options exchanges of the world. Clients can trade using our Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms or through our fully staffed dealing desk which is available to help place and execute trades, report filled orders, and provide support and guidance.

Benefits of trading futures and options with Elibank Vernon:



Alternatively, you may enter the world bullion markets and trade on a spot or forward basis including commodity trading gold. Here you request a price from our dealers for a specified quantity. If the contract is to be rolling spot or a forward then the position can be held with a deposit. Finance or forward charges vary with interest rates.


Foreign Exchange

Elibank Vernon offers a number of services and forms of access to the world foreign exchange markets, including over 100 currency pairs, exotics, options, and swaps.

Online Margined Foreign Exchange Dealing - For trading online, Elibank Vernon offers a fully supported platform.

Margined Spot & Forwards - Elibank Vernon also offers spot and forward foreign exchange trading services. Initial margin requirement levels vary according to currency pairs.

Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) - Elibank Vernon quotes Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) in a variety of otherwise restricted currencies. Prices may be obtained from 1 day to 3 months ahead. Positions may be closed prior to, or left open to, expiry. Any profit is calculated in US Dollars using the settlement price which is fixed two working days before.

Currency Futures & Options - Elibank Vernon offers Direct Market Access (DMA) and supported phone-brokerage to Currency futures and options.

Physical & Hedging Transactions - Whether protecting an overseas asset or income, buying a property, receiving a Single Farm Payment (SFP), or exchanging your base currency for another purpose, you will need to access the world foreign exchange markets.


Why use the services of Elibank Vernon?



The-Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) markets have seen considerable growth in recent years particularly in the emerging Asian economies. Imposed FX restrictions have led private companies, investors and non-domestic players to seek an alternative for their hedging and speculative needs.

No exchange takes place of the two currencies principal sums. The only cash flow is the movement in the difference between the traded NDF rate and the fixing rate at expiry. The P&L is transferred on settlement in the convertible currency, generally in US dollars (multiple fixing mechanisms are available). Once a trade has been established, the position can be closed or rolled at any time or alternatively left to expire and be cash settled against the fix rate.


Trading NDFs with Elibank Vernon:


Contract for Differences (CFDs)

Elibank Vernon offers customers the opportunity to trade share price movements on a margined basis through a CFD. This enables clients to trade major international shares utilizing a small deposit, with no time restriction for holding the contract.

Primary advantages include: